The Beginning

Navigating around my blog :)

If you are new to my blog, I thought this post might help you with where to start and what to read. With over 45 posts I understand that looking at the ‘menu’ could be a bit daunting, so I hope I can break it down for you.

If you know nothing of our story, I would suggest that you start here at Introduction (why a blog??!). This should give you the background to how we found ourselves in the world of infertility and the things that happened on our way to it.

From there I wrote about our first two treatment cycles. Cycle 1 starts here at Treatment cycle 1 and cycle two starts at Cycle 2 – this is the one! In both cases you can simply click ‘next post’ at the bottom once you’ve finished reading, to get to the next post in that treatment cycle. They are both three posts long.

We then spent some time deciding what to do next and the posts around this are found under the heading of ‘next steps’, the first being this post.

After that I did something that I wasn’t sure was a good idea at the time!! I wrote through our third treatment cycle – live. I wrote everything as it was happening, so if you want to get a real sense of what happens during a cycle of IVF I would definitely recommend reading this group of posts. There are nine posts in total covering our third treatment cycle, they begin here at Treatment Cycle 3 – day 1 and end at Treatment Cycle 3 – the result (which incidentally is my most viewed post in the whole of my blog).

There are then 19 posts which cover what I’ve been doing since the end of the third treatment cycle. However, out of these 19 posts, probably the most important to the story are these – Time for some R&R, What the doctor said, What I didn’t know, Against all the odds, and why I’m ready for round four.

That brings you pretty much up to date. There are a handful of posts in the Treatment Cycle 4 section, beginning here and we are a few weeks away from beginning.

Please feel free to dip in and out and leave comments, I love chatting about this and raising awareness is one of my passions.

My blog has its own Facebook page, please feel free to like it to keep up to date with new posts – it can be found here.

Also, in conjunction with Fertility Network UK, for whom I am a volunteer, I run a closed Facebook support group for those dealing with primary infertility in Leicestershire. It is completely confidential and to join, you can search Leicestershire Fertility Group in Facebook or follow this link.

The act of writing


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